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Database of information about cosmicblaze's Silmare world.

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This is worldbuilding project I built because I love building worlds and I have a lot of time. I really like to daydream most of the time and this is the product of those thoughts. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Etymology of the name "Silmare"Edit

Silmare comes from two words from two different languages. Sil comes from Seele which means soul in German, also I'm a big Evangelion fan. Mare is the Latin word for sea. Combining the two, my world, Silmare, means the "Sea of Souls" in English.


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Maschida Purloni

Magna Magister Maschida Aristovulus Purloni (1190 TA - 1279 TA) was a magician, writer, scholar, painter, historian, cartographer, and doctor born in the Republic of Dresmedeus. He is a leading figure in the Vicissitude in the 13th Century. Considered as the greatest magician in history by other scholars. He is a prominent contributor to the recently discovered art of Metamorphosis, the fourth domain of Magic. He is the father of Artisan Magic and the philosophy of Unitarianism

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